This year’s Second Stage will be brought to you in partnership with local organisation Dumfries Music Collective. DMC have developed an exciting programme for the Second Stage on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June, featuring an amazing line up of young musicians from across Dumfries and Galloway. The stage will offer a vast range of types of music from solo artists, bands, and DJs across the event weekend!

Here are the line ups for the weekend:

Saturday 29th June

12:30pm: Reece Williamson
1:30pm: BNJI
2:30pm: Megan Black
3:30pm: Ecliptic
4:30pm: Laurent
5:30pm: Joseph Cursare
6:30pm: Alx Romance
7:30pm: neverfine

Saturday 30th June

12:15pm: Students Around
12:45pm: Ella Campbell
1:45pm: Connie Ewart
2:45pm: Sonder
3:45pm: Alexander & The Greeks
4:45pm: Twisted Ends
5:45pm: Pointing North
6:45pm: Low Tide
7:30pm: Picture the Scene

11th Jun 2024