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The Toon


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The Toon is an issue based drama production taking a look into some of the real life issues faced by today’s young people. The Toon as a hard hitting and shocking way of providing information to young people 12 – 25 about current issues that may be affecting them or may affect them in the future.

Similar in concept to Wonderland and World of Wonka, The Toon will give young people the chance to meet some interesting characters whilst gaining valuable information on a variety of issues including suicide, sexual health, drugs and domestic abuse, rape and happiness.

The Toon will run as tours, giving young people the chance to have look round the fictional town and meet different characters in different situations.  Young people will then go into a workshop with dedicated youth works where they will have the chance to further explore some of the issues faced in The Toon.

The Toon is designed and written by young people over a 14 day intensive ‘camp’.  During camp, young people participate in a range of workshops including acting, voice training, special effects make up, script writing and set design as well as gaining more information and knowledge on the issues being covered in The Toon.  The language is un-edited and strong, and is written by young people to be the reality of how some young people speak.

The Toon is brought to you by Youth Work Dumfries and Galloway, working in partnership with Police Scotland, Domestic Abuse & Violence against Woman Partnership, Sexual Health D&G. LGBT Youth and Rape Crisis.

This years theme is Toonspotting, tickets are free for this award winning interactive youth drama production but they are given on a first come, first served basis so be quick to go to The Toon: Box Office to secure your place. Minimum age is 14 and maximum group size is 14.